Certified Organic Mix Apple Pack

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Variant : Winter Banana Apples, Fuji Apples, Granny Smith Apples, Golden Delicious Apples
Quantity : 1 Box : 4.5 Kg Apples
Size : Medium - Large Apples

Confused!? Now no more! Our mix pack of apples gives a taste of everything

Indulge in the goodness of a variety of organic apples with our Certified Organic Mix and Match Exotic Apple Pack. Each apple is handpicked from the Himalayan orchards and is 100% organic, wax-free, and chemical-free.

Enjoy the unique flavor and texture of each apple variety, packed with essential nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants. Perfect for snacking, baking, or juicing, our Certified Organic Mix and Match Apple Pack is a healthy and delicious addition to your daily diet.

Chaandbagh Orchards

Cultivating Heritage at Chaand Bagh Orchards

Chaand Bagh Orchards are deeply rooted in the heritage-rich soils of Sharontha, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Since 1929, spanning four generations, our orchards have flourished, starting with saplings from Stark Brothers in the USA. Today, at elevations of 6500 to 7000 feet, we cultivate an array of fruits including apples, pears, plums, and apricots, guided by the vision of Mr. Ankit Chauhan, co-founder of Old Apple Tree Co.

Organic Practices and Diverse Produce

In 2018, we embraced organic farming, transforming how we grow our diverse produce. Our fruits are nurtured in harmony with nature, ensuring every bite is filled with pure, unadulterated goodness. We’ve expanded our offerings to include agricultural staples like White Rajmah, Garlic, Horsegram, and Peas, all cultivated with the same organic principles.

Sustainability and Stewardship

As part of the Subhash Palekar Natural Farming Group, our commitment to sustainable practices is unwavering. We’re certified organic through PGS India, a testament to our dedication to authenticity and eco-conscious farming. Our goal is to create self-sustaining ecosystems that yield the healthiest, most nutrient-rich produce.

A Commitment to Quality and Earth

At Chaand Bagh Orchards, we don’t just grow fruits; we cultivate a legacy. We strive for a world where our actions today foster a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow. Join us in savoring the true taste of nature's finest, delivered from our family to yours.

Q: How should I store my apples to keep them fresh?

A: Store apples in a cool, dry place, or refrigerate them to extend freshness for up to 1.5 months. Avoid washing until ready to eat to preserve the natural protective coating.

Q: Can I eat the skin of apples?

A: Yes, the skin of apples is rich in antioxidants and contributes to the fruit's health benefits. Eating the skin maximizes nutritional intake.

Q: Are apples good for weight loss?

A: Yes, apples are high in fiber and low in calories, making them a satisfying snack that can aid in weight management.

Q: Do apples have a lot of sugar?

A: Apples contain natural sugars, but their high fiber content slows sugar absorption, making them a healthy choice.

Q: How are your apples grown?

A: Our apples are organically grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, prioritizing health and environmental sustainability.

Q: Can apples be frozen for later use?

A: Yes, apples can be frozen, ideally sliced and stored in airtight containers. They are best used for cooking once thawed.

Q: How long will it take for the apples to reach me?

A: The apples will reach you within 3-5 days from the date of harvest, ensuring freshness.

Q: Which is the healthiest apple?

A: Red Delicious apples are considered the healthiest due to their high antioxidant content in the skin.

Q: Why are organic apples expensive?

A: Organic apples are costlier because only 2% of apple farming is organic, and apples often require extensive chemical treatment. Organic farming means lower yields and potential crop loss for the farmer, who needs fair compensation to maintain organic practices.



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