Embracing Organic Roots in Devgad

Located in Shirgaon, Devgad District, Maharashtra, Dhopte Farms has been a beacon of organic farming for over two decades. Under the stewardship of Mr. Ashok and Mr. Kishore Dhopte, the farm has consistently eschewed chemical fertilizers and pesticides, focusing on sustainable and healthful agricultural practices.

A Sustainable Shift

The farm’s decisive move towards organic farming in 2003 was fueled by a commitment to environmental stewardship and producing naturally healthy produce. This ethos led to the development of Dhopte Farms’ own licensed line of organic fertilizers and tonics five years ago, laying the foundation for a legacy of premium Alphonso mango cultivation.

Organic Practices and Dedication

At Dhopte Farms, the art of organic farming is a way of life. The use of cow dung, Jivamrut, and Panchagavya replenishes and revitalizes the soil, ensuring a nutrient-rich environment for mangoes to thrive. Organic sprays are meticulously selected and applied to manage pests, safeguarding the integrity and quality of the produce. This meticulous attention to every aspect of the farming process reflects Mr. Dhopte’s immense experience and passion for organic agriculture.

The Farm's Bounty

Dhopte Farms is proud to offer a variety of organic produce, including:

Alphonso Mangoes: Celebrated for their sweetness and rich flavor.
Kesar Mangoes: Known for their intense aroma and vibrant color.
Cashews: A testament to the farm’s diverse and sustainable agricultural practices.

Through dedication to organic principles and a deep respect for the land, Dhopte Farms stands as a testament to the benefits of natural farming, offering consumers high-quality, flavorful, and ethically produced mangoes and cashews.

Dhopte Farms Products