Embracing Organic Innovation in Ratnagiri

Ketkar Farms, in collaboration with We Farmers, a collective from Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, has been a stronghold of naturally cultivated Alphonso mangoes for over two decades. Located across Bhile and its surrounding villages, the farm spans approximately 100 acres, dedicated to a variety of mangoes including the flagship Ratnagiri Alphonso, Payari, Ratna, and other local varieties. The inception of Ketkar Farms was driven by Mr. Ketkar’s return from a pharmaceutical career and a determination to pursue natural farming, moving away from the hazardous chemical practices prevalent in the region.

Organic Practices and Certification

Ketkar Farms operates under a strict no-chemical policy, utilizing natural methods like neem extract, dashparni ark, and green chili-ginger extract for pest control, alongside innovative solutions such as light and yellow sticky traps. The farm’s commitment to organic farming is validated by its certification under NPOP, with third-party verification by M/s GREENCERT, Pune. Additionally, the farm proudly adheres to the Geographical Indicator Registration for Alphonso mangoes, ensuring their produce is residue-free, as evidenced by consistent MRL reports.

Sustainable Farming Techniques

Sustainability is at the core of Ketkar Farms’ operations. The use of organic fertilizers, primarily dry cow dung and the traditional concoction of jeevamrut, is pivotal in enriching the soil. This approach not only nurtures the farm’s produce but also aligns with Mr. Ketkar’s vision of minimizing environmental impact and promoting biodiversity. The farm’s dedication extends to meticulous pest management and soil health practices, ensuring that each mango reflects the purity and essence of Ratnagiri’s unique terroir.

The Legacy of Quality

The Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes from Ketkar Farms are celebrated for their tempting aroma, sweet taste, vibrant yellow-orange pulp, minimal fiber content, and longer shelf life attributed to their low moisture content. These mangoes, naturally cultivated and organically certified, are a testament to the farm’s relentless pursuit of quality and sustainability.

Ketkar Farms stands as a model of organic excellence, embodying a commitment to healthy living and environmental responsibility, inviting consumers to experience the unmatched purity and taste of their meticulously cultivated produce.

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