A Legacy Rooted in the Himalayas

Chaand Bagh Orchards in Sharontha, Shimla, reflects a four-generation legacy of apple farming since 1929. This was started by one of our great grandfathers Mr. Bhagh Chand Chauhan with Delicious apples from Stark Brothers, USA. Currently led by Mr. Ankit Chauhan, co-founder of Old Apple Tree Co., we uphold this heritage at 6500 to 7000 feet elevation, committed to growing the finest apples, pears, plums, and apricots. Our dedication to quality and tradition continues to thrive, guided by the rich agricultural roots of Himachal Pradesh.

Organic Transition and Diverse Cultivation

Since 2018, Chaand Bagh Orchards has committed to organic farming practices, striving to cultivate the best-tasting varieties of fruits along with select agricultural crops such as White Rajmah, Garlic, Horsegram, and Peas. Our journey towards organic cultivation reflects our dedication to offering nutrient-dense, healthy fruits, pulses, and veggies directly to our consumers.

Sustainability and Certification

As a member of the Subhash Palekar Natural Farming Group, we are proud to align our practices with sustainable, self-sufficient farming methods. Our commitment to organic farming has been recognized with an organic certification through PGS India, underscoring our dedication to natural, chemical-free cultivation.

Our Mission

At Chaand Bagh Orchards, our mission transcends beyond farming; it’s about nurturing a legacy of quality and sustainability. Our aim is to be a beacon of self-sustainable agriculture, producing the healthiest, most nutrient-dense organic fruits, pulses, and vegetables. Through our dedication to natural farming and direct engagement with our consumers, we aspire to share the bounty of our orchards, grown with care and respect for the earth, from our family to yours.

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