The Journey of Organic Apples: From Orchard to Your Table

At Old Apple Tree Co., we take immense pride in bringing you the freshest and most delicious 100% organic apples straight from the bountiful Himalayan orchards. Join us as we unveil the captivating journey of our apples, meticulously curated to preserve their natural goodness from the orchard to your table.


Step 1

Cultivating Nature’s Bounty – Our journey begins with ecologically sustainable orchard practices that nurture the apple trees with care and respect for Mother Nature. From enriching the soil with organic compost to fostering a thriving ecosystem, our orchards thrive on the principles of biodiversity and conservation.


Step 2

Gentle Handpicking – When the apples reach the pinnacle of ripeness, our skilled farmers gently handpick each fruit with love and precision. This ensures that only the finest and healthiest apples make their way into your hands.


Step 3

Immediate Delivery –  Our commitment to freshness is unwavering. Immediately after picking, the apples embark on their swift journey to your doorstep, without spending any time in cold storage facilities. This guarantees that you savor the crispness and sweetness of apples ripened to perfection on the tree.


Step 4

Purity Untouched by Wax or Chemicals – Unlike mass-produced apples, our organic apples remain free from any synthetic wax or harmful chemicals. Through traceable supply chains, we ensure that each apple retains its natural beauty and taste, untouched by any artificial treatments.


Step 5

Empowering Farmers – Your decision to choose Old Apple Tree Co. directly supports our organic farmers, who receive fair prices for their produce. In a country where 90% of apple farming relies on chemicals, your conscious decision to support organic apples directly nurtures a sustainable future for the environment and the farmers. By choosing Old Apple Tree Co., you sow the seeds of change, inspiring a shift towards healthier, organic practices. Together, let’s cultivate a greener and more vibrant tomorrow for India’s apple orchards.


Conclusion : Embark on an extraordinary journey with us as you relish the lusciousness and purity of our organic apples, knowing that each bite contributes to a healthier planet and empowers local farmers. Together, let’s celebrate the wholesome joy of nature’s bounty, delivered with love from the Himalayan orchards to your cherished table.

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