Storage Instructions and Handling Hacks

About Our Apples

Our apples hail from our lush organic orchards, nurtured by four generations of dedicated farmers. These orchards are the epitome of ecological sustainability and carry both organic and natural farming certifications. While we could dwell on the organic aspect, let’s delve deeper into the characteristics of our apples.


The Art of Sweetness and Careful Picking

When freshly harvested, our apples possess a subtle tartness that’s a testament to their natural state. As days pass, the starches within transform into sugars, rendering the apples progressively sweeter. This natural ripening process is one of the many beauties of nature.


Natural Wax Coating: Nature’s Armor

  • Natural Wax Coating: Our apples boast a natural wax coating, a hallmark of their organic origin.
  • Matte Finish: Unlike glossy artificial coatings on conventional apples, ours have a modest, matte appearance.
  • Disease Resistance: This natural layer acts as a shield against diseases, ensuring the fruit’s health.
  • Juicy Goodness: It helps retain the juicy succulence that makes our apples so delightful.
  • Drying Prevention: The coating effectively prevents the fruit from drying out, preserving its quality.
  • Simple Test: A simple test involves rubbing our organic apples on a cloth, revealing the even spread of this protective layer and lending a subtle gloss.


Handling Your Organic Apples

  • Storage: Place your apples in a cool, dry spot. In the fridge, they can thrive for up to 1.5 months. Their extended shelf life is a testament to their organic and chemical-free journey. Over time, they sweeten naturally.
  • Handle with Care: Refrain from washing your apples before storage. Save the washing for when you’re ready to savor them. This preserves the natural protective layer, ensuring they stay crisp and fresh.

Enjoy the pure, untainted flavors of our apples, and savor the knowledge that they’ve been grown with love, care, and a deep respect for the environment.

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